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Welcome to the Autism Learning Line!

This is your lifeline and your line of communication to a rich community of parents, therapists and teachers who support the education of students on the autism spectrum. Working together, we can make this the go-to destination for practical and emotional support for all stakeholders supporting autism education and care.

We pre-populated the site with a few initial groups, where you can start discussions about topics we believe may be of shared interest. Please feel free to add your own group topics and invite other members to join in the conversation. As always, please be respectful of others’ opinions and circumstances.

Of particular interest to most families and educators right now, are the current circumstances surrounding school closures due to COVID-19. There is an A.L.L.  group for those general discussions, and you have the ability to create subgroups around more specific topics to discuss the best way to support student home-learning in these uncertain times.  We hope that this resource will provide a venue for support and a place to ask and answer vital questions.

We encourage you to fill out your profile, upload an avatar, introduce yourself, and begin to interact with others on the site. 

The site is brand new. We did not want to delay publication because we believe that this will be a vital resource for families who need support and guidance while adapting to the challenges of teaching their child at home. There are most certainly more features and functionality we can build out. We have created a special group called Feedback for A.L.L. Please use this group to offer up constructive feedback and requests for functionality which would make the site even more useful. 

Please share this resource with anyone you think could benefit from being part of this community.