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Welcome to the Autism Learning Line

The Autism Learning Line is your life-line and your line of communication with a rich community of parents, therapists and teachers in search of the best ways to teach students on the autism spectrum.

Autism educators and families are not always best served by typical social media platforms. The Autism Learning Line is a private forum, created to facilitate discussions and provide resources that serve the unique needs of our particular community. Within the Autism Learning Line sanctuary, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all page on a generic social media platform, you can create specific groups centered around topics of shared interest, and you can support each other in the quest to provide the best education and support possible for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Of particular interest to most families and educators right now, are the current circumstances surrounding school closures due to COVID-19. There is an A.L.L. group for those general discussions, and you have the ability to create subgroups around more specific topics to discuss the best way to support student home-learning in these uncertain times. We hope that this resource will provide a venue for support and place to ask and answer vital questions.

Please share this resource with anyone you think could benefit from being part of this community.