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Hi– I would advise a couple of things — first – do you have a way to effectively communicate with your son? Like using pictures or hand signals or some way to get across things to your son? And, does your son realize when he has become wet – and can he tune in to his body enough to be aware of this? If yes (and even if not quite) it is probably worth trying potty training. Number one thing is use REWARDS – and they need to be rewarding to your child. We used M&Ms with our daughter – we would pull out a bowlful after even some minimal success with the toilet and she got to choose. Also – switch to underwear – but make it fun underwear that your son might like to wear — but it also will make him uncomfortable if we wets himself. Also – figure out how your son can start communicating when he needs the toilet – maybe with a picture of a toilet. Ideally – if you are using Applied Behavior Analysis with your son — that is a good way to go – it is not as hard as it sounds — but it will help you figure out timing, track data on when he succeeds and fails, and help figure out next steps. Let me know if you have specific questions? I’d be happy to help.