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From what I can remember in having trained my own son and the other “au-some” kids I taught, you need to have them on a fluids schedule. About an hour or so after giving him a beverage (and something substantial at that), you set him on the toilet. Then when he goes, you literally applaud his efforts: clap, hoot and holler, point to the stuff in the bowl and go, “Yayyyy, you did it! You went in the potty!” You may even wish to draw up a star rewards chart. If he uses the toilet, give him a star for that day. Then if he gets, say, 5 stars by the weekend, give him a reward like Marco’s pizza, a favorite outing, etc. Here’s the hard part: You may need to put him in old-fashioned cloth diapers with the plastic underpants over the cloth (to make him uncomfortable whenever he goes in his pants). While they’re wearing Pull-ups, it’s not that uncomfortable to go that way. But when they can feel the wet, now the comfort factor kinda goes out the window! Whatever you do, be sure you always speak positive to him: “That’s ok. I’m sure you’ll make it to the toilet tomorrow…” etc. Hope this helps!