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From my own experience in working with two children through potty training, maintaining a schedule is important. Checking the bathroom every half hour at first, then as they become more aware of what it feels like to need to use the bathroom, checking very hour, then eventually they are able to monitor it themselves (this is very simply put, but of course takes time).

In the bathroom, I’ve found it really helpful to include visual cue cards showing the bathroom “routine.”
First, pull down pants and sit on potty.
Go potty.
Wipe. (“Dirty” vs. “Clean” is something that I work on extensively to help promote independence in wiping once they reach that point that they can use the bathroom themselves). Kids seem to pick up on the “dirty” and “clean” quickly. I usually provide a visual of doing 5 “Wipes” than a piece of CLEAN toilet paper versus DIRTY toilet paper and have them differentiate what they see.

Then, washing hands routine. (Visuals work wonderfully for this as well, if you don’t already have a routine in place.

*Once child I’ve worked with in particular had difficulty staying seated on the potty, so they would bring their iPad into the bathroom to watch while they did their business. This kept them on the potty for an adequate length of time. If this is not an option for you, I’d suggest adding some books or plastic, washable toys in there.

*Only one family that I’ve worked with used a reward system for when the child used the bathroom. It can absolutely be motivating, but if you do do a reward system, I suggest being wary of making it too “high preference…” the goal is to congratulate the child and keep them motivated, not want to use the bathroom because they know they’ll receive a candy every time 🙂

Good luck!!!