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      chloefay avatarchloefay
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      One silver lining that has emerged from staying at home is that I’m reconsidering how I can make healthier choices so that life feels less stressful, despite all that is happening in the news right now.

      Definitely want this to be a space that is judgement free and supportive.

      I’m personally working on sticking to a routine and staying creative during this time! I try do something artistic/creative every night.

      What are you working on in 2020? Exercise? More sleep? Staying connected with loved ones?

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      lesliestebbins avatarlesliestebbins
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      ok — trying to find a silver lining in all this –my family has been heavily dependent on take-out food — and now with the pandemic we have completely stopped ordering out. As a result I lost 8 pounds that I’ve been trying to lose for 20 years. Who knew? (well actually, many people know how fattening takeout is – that’s why it tastes so good!)

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      katiestefko avatarkatiestefko
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      Great question! Self care is so, so important! I have been going for walks / runs, watching a show or two on Netflix, reading, and from time to time, baking. For a good bit of the stay at home order, I really wasn’t up for doing much. It was really helpful for me to allow myself to grieve what was / is happening and not feel like I had to accomplish something… giving myself permission to sit and simply be still was very healing for me… and presently, it really is still healing for me to be still.

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      JennyF avatarJennyF
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      In the evenings we love to take our dog on a walk, come back and eat dinner and then watch a movie as a family. Although we so want everything to go back to normal, we have enjoyed the family time and the absence of nightly homework keeping the kids up until late into the night.

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      cindybowers avatarcindybowers
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      We have been cooking a lot of comfort food! I find that baking and cooking leads to an immediate tangible result that seems to improve the mood of all of our family members! Tip of the day – brown butter makes everything better!

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